Family & Couples Counseling — Granbury, TX

Get past barriers and move forward — together. 

couple holding handsThe family unit is a complex thing — and most people know that it does not always function the way that it should. Many brothers, sisters, partners and children, couples, and extended family members have found the tools they need to communicate better and resolve conflicts by talking to a therapist together. Below, find out more about family and couples counseling in Granbury and how your therapist can help you move past problems to relieve stress and live better.

Why Family/Couples Counseling Matters

Whether extended or immediate, our family members or partner have a big impact on our emotional health and even our physical wellbeing. At the same time, these most important of relationships can often fall into disrepair when faced with big changes or recurrent conflict. If you feel like you and your loved ones are unable to move past barriers, then it may be time to try family counseling together.

Amy can provide neutral territory to help couples and families agree upon and work through tough issues with support. During regular therapy sessions, couples can decide to rebuild their marriage and make a renewed commitment or clarify the reasons why they need to separate or end the marriage. Families can work through their problems in a therapeutic setting with new communication techniques as well as parenting strategies.

How Family/Couples Counseling Works

This type of therapy can help couples or individuals within a family move past specific issues together — like financial trouble, the mourning of a loved one, or anything else. It can also provide an important resource in preparing for a big life change, like a divorce, remarriage, or the addition of another child. Amy can help you to identify your goals and work towards them over the course of multiple therapy sessions.

There are some things in particular you should expect from family/couples counseling — and maybe the most important of those is that it won’t be easy. You should also prepare to be honest, open, and receptive to having the same returned to you in constructive dialogue. Expect to make a plan that will help put you and your loved ones on the path towards healing and moving forward. Whatever direction your family’s treatment plan takes, you are making a wonderful decision when you choose to dismantle the barriers that are holding you back with your family therapist in Granbury, TX. You are invited to contact the office to book an appointment today!