Counselor in Granbury’s Top 5 Tips for Achieving Goals in 2019

running track covered with fogWe’re almost into March, which means some people may be checking in on their New Year’s resolutions to see how they have progressed — while many others may have forgotten those goals completely. Do you feel like you are continually setting targets for yourself that are soon forgotten? If so, you are not alone — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your therapist in Granbury can help you work towards what you want to achieve in 2019. Keep reading to learn these top 5 tips for making those distant dreams a reality this year!

#1: Set Smart Goals

You are setting yourself up to fail if you don’t start out with goals that you can actually achieve. For example, if you need to lose 100 pounds, that may sound too daunting to ever get started. Instead, setting a smaller goal of dropping 25 pounds over the next few months may be a better way to approach your overall target. Likewise, someone who read half a book last year probably isn’t going to sit down and read 20 books a month in 2019. Knowing what is realistic for yourself is key to setting smart goals.

#2: Consistency

Achieving anything requires committing yourself to it and never giving up — not getting stuck in a cycle of being really good one day after 3 days off the wagon. Each evening that you choose to sit down with your partner to talk about your days instead of shutting down in front of the television may seem small, but over time, it really adds up. From relationship building to sobriety and more, consistency is key for achieving any type of goal.

#3: Forgiveness

However, as important as consistency is, so, too, is forgiving yourself when you backslide. Change does not happen overnight — and recognizing this reality is important. Don’t dwell on the fact that you engaged in negative behavior once again, instead pick up the pieces and continue to move forward. Your progress still counts.

#4: Reevaluate and Adjust as Needed

Don’t force yourself to stick to a goal just for the sake of it. Say you set out to be vegetarian in your effort to live healthier, but along the way realized that your weekly hamburger night with your family makes you really happy — don’t give that up! Simply adjust and find a balance that works right for you. (Psst — we’ve invented the word “flexitarian” for a reason!)

#5: Talk to a Therapist

And finally, if you would like some guidance along the way toward attaining your goals, a therapist can be a great resource. They can work with you to set realistic targets for your life and then identify the best methods for making them a reality. And, if you slip up along the way, they will be able to provide support to remind you not to give up — the reassurance that you are still on your way to achieving your goals!

Meet Amy

Amy Aston, LCSW has been providing counseling for clients of all ages for two decades. She frequently assists teens, couples, and individual adults who are working toward specific goals — and can help you meet your own this year, too. To learn more about how a therapist in Granbury can work with you, do not hesitate to contact Amy at 817.579.1606. 

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