Welcome – Your Therapist in Granbury Now Has a Blog!

field of lavender at sunsetHello, and welcome to Amy Aston’s fresh website and brand new blog! This is an exciting update for Amy’s practice — she hopes the website and blog will each serve as a convenient resource for current and prospective clients who are working toward their goals through talk therapy.

Below, learn more about the services your counselor in Granbury offers, whether or not therapy may be right for you, and more! Amy is excited to welcome you to the blog.

Amy’s Featured Services

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with two decades of experience helping people of all ages and stages of life get past barriers and find their inner peace, Amy is able to provide counseling for people dealing with a variety of situations. Some of her services include:

  • Therapy for individuals looking to work one-on-one with a therapist to achieve their goals
  • Therapy for couples and families who can come in together to talk about issues in a safe space
  • Therapy for teens and adolescents as they navigate some of the most difficult years
  • Love and Logic for parents, teachers, and others who wish to enhance communication with children
  • Christian-based counseling for clients who wish to pursue this guidance

Is Therapy Right for You?

Sometimes, people are reluctant to contact a therapist because they do not want to admit that what they are dealing with is really “that bad.” And even if you do think you could benefit from counseling, it can be difficult to find the time to book an appointment! But making time to seek professional guidance couldn’t be more important as you work to achieve your personal goals, enhance communication between loved ones, move past barriers (real or imagined), and find out who you really are.

Therapy with Amy is a good idea if you…

  • Feel like something is holding you back from making the best decisions for your life
  • Keep running into the same issues with your loved ones
  • Frequently feel frustrated or irritable
  • Feel like your child or teen is struggling at school, home, or in their social life
  • Want to become a calmer, more effective parent
  • Have trouble sleeping through the night
  • Are a Christian and would like Scripture-based counseling to guide you along your journey
  • Just feel like you aren’t living your best life

Get Started Today!

If you said YES to any of the previous points, therapy with Amy can help — and if you have insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare, she accepts your plan! Amy invites you to get started with an initial phone call. Get in touch with your therapist near Stephenville by calling 817.579.1606 today.

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